rico2k (exoticboy80) wrote in bi_gay_uk,

My boyfriend cheated on me with his straight ugly fat co worker..

Me-27 yrs old- Independent,very goal minded and like to accomplished ATTAINABLE goals
Ex- 27 yrs old-still live with parents, music laid back mentality (waiting to be discovered, and no back up future plans.
Relationship Status -4 years long term relationships
Officially Break Update: March 2008
Partial Break up- Oct 2008
Reconciled- Nov 2008

My ex bf recently confessed to me that he cheated on me last year.
I asked him who-what-when-why. He said 3 times before our partial break up and 7 more times within a break up period. It was his straight co worker that approached him after smoking pt. He was tempted and did it.
When we both got back together,things change, we dont make love as we used to be and its just different. I wouldnt think my xbf can do such a thing. In all honesty i thought ill be the one who will commit cheating especially with so many temptations in my end.

My point of view and correct me guys if im wrong..
1. It will prolly be ok if he did it inside the break period?
2. If he did it once its ok people make mistake, but knowing he did it 3 times? Did he even think about me on the 2nd and the 3rd?
3. Careless is a very big thing to me. You have to be responsibile in your actions and pay consequences for the outcome.
4. Before i said to my friends... "its not like im breaking up with him cuz he cheated on me? its more about growth.." But now that he cheated on me!! which prolly happen for a reason and something is telling me that its better off getting out of this relationship now and regret it later?
5. I already forgive him but i will not tolerate cheating.
6. He want to get back together but im sure it will just take another time before he can cheat on me again. Or maybe I will cheat on him ?

The weird thing is...

I know how its like to be approached by a str8 guy.. I used to have a str8 fb before i met him and kinda the same scenario happen..Of course on that time im single. In some ways i told him its ok..I understand.. I even told him that since you cheated on me.. if u want you can keep yours and i will go back and keep mine. but he said he cant do that.. I told him .. well you already cheated on me.. What bugs me is that he is so hypocrite and bad mouthing my other couples friends that play together.. If i have to choose.. I would rather play together than cheat to my partner.

Since i know its never gonna be the same again.. i decided to just completely get out of this relationship and move on..

DO you guys think I should give him a chance?

-- heartbroken cutie.
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